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What is Dread’s Onion URL?
What is Dread’s V3 Onion URL?

What is Dread’s Clearnet URL?
None Available

Average User Review of Dread
  • The length Dread has been operating for
  • The stability & uptime of the Dread onion URL loading
  • The user-friendlyness of Dread
  • The privacy offered from Dread

Review Summary

Dread is very similar to Reddit, only it is only available on the darkweb via an onion URL which makes it 100% private and anonymous. The Dread Forum is a social media dark web discussion forum and users often turn to it to look for specific products such as where to buy drugs online with Bitcoin or obtaining stolen credit card numbers. The site itself seems very unstable and is often down due to DDOS Attacks or requirse multiple security CAPTCHAs to even get the Dread onion page to load the content.

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