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What is BitBlender’s Onion URL?

What is BitBlender’s Clearnet URL?

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Review Summary

BitBlender (or formally known as Bitcoin Blender) is a BTC Mixing service that has been operational since late 2013. The service is quite possibly the longest running bitcoin mixer and has been used to tumble and clean over 100,000 BTC. Users can signup for free instant and receive up to 5 wallet deposit addresses inside their account or they may use the quick-mixer which provides a one-time mix with one address. The way the bitcoin mixing service works is the user is assigned a unique address, they send their bitcoins to the wallet that they want cleaned, BitBlender takes a small 1-3% fee, and then sends you back clean-untainted bitcoins to an address that you specify. The service is fully automated and instant, with the exception you must wait for 1 or 2 blockchain confirmations before the new Bitcoins are sent back to you. The service has been used both legally and illegally through out the years. Some hackers who steal bitcoins, rely on BitBlender to launder their coins which seems to keep them anonymous. Others use it for privacy purposes to disguise how many bitcoins they control to prevent being kidnapped or extorted.

6 thoughts on “BitBlender

  1. Deposited 2 BTC and was able to withdraw just shy of 1.995497 back in clean bitcoin. Low fee and only 1 network confirmation i will most definetly use Bit Blender again

    1. @Emp1ireK1ng ->>> By chance are you a moderator or have relation to the Empire market on the darkweb?
      ->>> Unable to login for several day. I know they always recommend to use bitblendcy276zth.onion when withdrawing the bitcoins from THE Marketplace
      ->>> Please assist

  2. no issue using the schedule cron withdraw on bitblender’s quickmix page for 7 hours to 3 different bitcoin wallet addresses. coins received did pass the taint analysis test 🙂
    maybe ill’ create account for the next time i tumble my btc

    ~ “happyone” ~

  3. Bitblender the true best reliable bitcoin mixer online today. The other bitcoin mixers shutdown in 2019, after the bust of the operators of They decided that discretion was the better part of valor — in other words, not didn’t want to end up in a cell, like the operator of Grams Helix, who has just plead guilty to money-laundering charges in the U.S.

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