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What is Guerilla Mail’s Onion URL?

What is Guerilla Mail’s Clearnet URL?

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  • The privacy offered from Guerrilla Mail
  • Compared to other mainstream E-mail providers

Review Summary

Guerrilla Mail is a 100% free disposable E-mail account provider that requires no signup or captchas. It has been around since 2006 and is only used to receive E-mails to an account for up to 60 minutes. Many websites require sign-up-verification E-mails, which Guerrilla Mail would be useful for using to activate an account and not receiving SPAM to your primary E-mail address. Guerrilla Mail also offers several different TLD domain extensions to choose from. The default domain name is which is often blocked on many websites. As with any other disposable E-mail provider, you can not send any E-mails from the service and should not be used for important or confidential material.

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