How do I access a .onion website?

A .onion is a special-use top level domain name designating an anonymous hidden onion service. Websites that end in .onion are 100% anonymous and can only be browsed using special software that protects your identity and routes you to the hidden web host. To access any URLs ending in .onion, you will need to download a free web-browser called “TOR Browser” which is available for all operating systems including MacOSX, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. For security purposes, only download the software from the official TOR Browser website listed below.

Is using TOR illegal or browsing websites violating any laws?

No. There are thousands of legitimate and practical uses for using TOR Browser and visiting .onion websites. Even Facebook has their own .onion URL!

Is there any other precautions I should take before running TOR Browser?

Yes. Despite not being illegal, it is recommended you run TOR Browser while connected to a VPN. Many ISPS log activity and by using a Virtual Private Network, you will hide your TOR Browser usage from your internet provider.

What is the best VPN Provider?

There are dozens of VPN Providers that focus on security and anonymity. Many you can even sign up with anonymous payment methods such as Bitcoin. While we can not recommend a specific provider a simple web engine search will list many to choose from. We encourage you to do research about each one and read their fine-print privacy laws. Some cooperate with law enforcement more than others. The price for a VPN is typically around $5 to $15 USD.

3 thoughts on “How do I access a .onion website?

  1. most everyones knows this already. what we all need is a good article on how to register a .onion and host it in cpanel or somethings

    1. Anyone can generate/register a onion TLD instantly.

      BUT IF you think hosting a .onion in a shared web server such as cPanel is a good idea, please do us all a favour and do not ever try creating a darkweb site.

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