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What is ZeroBin’s Onion URL?

What is ZeroBin’s Clearnet URL?

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Review Summary

ZeroBin is an opensource online encrypted pastebin that can be accessed over TOR which allows you to share large amounts of data and communink. with someone anonymously by dropping them a link. The encryption is completed via the browser so no data can be intercepted from the webmaster of ZeroBin or other users. Other pastebins such as are known to be intercepted and logged and it is not a wise decision to use those mainstream websites for confidential data. With ZeroBin you have the standard features of hidden pastes, self erasing after a specified amount of time, or even burn after reading. Burn-after reading means once the person you send the link to, once they click it, the data will be gone erased permanently. This is a very handy tool that you should book mark for use.

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