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What is SecureDrop’s Onion URL?

What is SecureDrop’s Clearnet URL?

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SecureDrop was founded in 2013 by Freedom of the Press Foundation anad is a open-source whistle blower application. The software uses the TOR Browser/network to communicate anonymously without fear of repercussion by sharing data to journalists. Many respected world wide news sites use the application therefore it is considered very safe and trusted. Some of them include: Canadian Broadcast Corporation, Radio-Canada, Forbes, Washington Post, USA Today, and Buzzfeed News. SecureDrop can be compared to a standard Contact Form on a news site but a much more secure and private version. Users are assigned a random code that can be used for further correspondence regarding the same topic. Unlike Contact Forms and standard websites, SecureDrop does not record any identifying data from the user submission such as IP Address, Browser version, META information, Operating system, etc.
How SecureDrop works

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