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What is ProtonMail’s Onion URL?

What is ProtonMail’s Clearnet URL?

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  • The length ProtonMail has been operating for
  • The stability & uptime of the ProtonMail onion URL loading
  • The user-friendlyness of ProtonMail
  • The privacy offered from ProtonMail
  • Compared to other mainstream E-mail providers

Review Summary

ProtonMail is a full free E-mail system that uses end-to-end encryption and hosted out of Geneva, Switzerland. The service has over 10 million users and is used by security experts, journalists, and citizens in censored countries world wide for extra security and privacy. ProtonMail does offer extra upgrades with a small fee as well as providing their own VPN service. The free E-mail account will work for most users as you can send 150 messages a day and receive 500 MB of storage. If you upgrade to a Plus account for $5 USD a month you can send 1000 messages or unlimited at the Professional plan for $8 USD a month. ProtonMail is one of the only remaining reliable mail proviers that will work over TOR Browser and can be accessible by an .onion URL.

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