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What is Mail2Tor’s Onion URL?

What is Mail2Tor’s Clearnet URL?

Average User Review of Mail2Tor
  • The length Mail2Tor has been operating for
  • The stability & uptime of the Mail2Tor onion URL loading
  • The user-friendlyness of Mail2Tor
  • The privacy offered from Mail2Tor
  • Compared to other mainstream E-mail providers

Review Summary

Mail2Tor is a long running anonymous E-mail provider running since 2013. With features such as SMTP/IMAP, it normally would make it a hot recommendation. Unfortunately, their mail service has gone down hill the past several years due to DDOS attacks which have made it unreliable to use as a main E-mail provider. If Mail2Tor can get things fixed and perhaps expand their hardware to handle the sever loads, then they could compete with other anonymous mail providers. In the time being, it is recommended to use something more reliable such as ProtonMail.

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