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What is CoinMixer’s Onion URL?

What is CoinMixer’s Clearnet URL?

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Review Summary

CoinMixer is a straight forward easy to use Bitcoin Mixer that has been operational for several years which gives it much more reputable status than some of the newer bitcoin tumblers. You simply visit the CoinMixer webpage, click Participate, and then enter up to 3 output wallet address. These three bitcoin wallet addresses should be cleaned,, unused wallets that you control. You can do just 1 if you wish. But for added security and privacy, the new coins can be split between these addresses. CoinMixer also has a delay option which will send you the new coins at a later time, to even further help with privacy issues. On the next screen, like most other bitcoin mixers, you are supplied a temporary unique wallet address. You must now be deposit your dirty or traceable bitcoins to this wallet address provided. For added convenience, CoinMixer also provides a QR code you may scan to send instantly. Before sending, it is wise to save the Letter of Guarantee. This is used in the rare instance that your bitcoins do not arrive or get delayed from the system by being stuck on the blockchain without confirmations. After your new bitcoins arrive to your output wallets, click the Done button at the bottom of screen to erase the logs instantly!

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  1. I am really impressed with all these years. The time delay feature is much useful in adding additional privacy to prevent someonme searching the Block Chain to link your mix transaction to your new Bitcoins

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